Nuance PowerMic 4 Dictation Microphone


PowerMic 4
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Nuance® PowerMic 4 brings clinician dictation to a new level by making it quick and easy to control the microphone, navigate and select on-screen fields, and insert, review, and edit generated text.


Product Description

With new features such as a larger pointing device, additional buttons, and magnetic mount support, physicians will enhance their productivity with improved ergonomic control of dictation and speech recognition functions.

With Nuance PowerMic 4, clinicians can rapidly navigate EHR, template, or report fields and insert text using dictation for new levels of usability and efficiency.


  • USB plug-and-play installation ensures compatibility with a wide range of computers.
  • A unidirectional noise-cancellation microphone ensures performance accuracy in even the noisiest environments.
  • Easy-to-clean antimicrobial surface promotes safety in clinical settings.

  • Thumb Control Operation Simplified design makes it easier for dictating, navigating, reviewing, and editing speech recognition-generated documentation.
  • USB Connectivity ensures compatibility with a wide range of computers.
  • AccurateDictation Unidirectional microphone with noise-cancellation ensures higher accuracy in even the noisiest environments.
  • Intuitive Design for Ease of Use Integrated pointing device, mouse functionality, and tab features speed navigation while a flush angled microphone offers optimal recording and user comfort.

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3-Foot Cord
9-Foot Cord