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Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional v13 Edition

$599 $569


Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Professional speech recognition software allows users to create documents and control their PC by voice — 3x faster than typing — to drive productivity and cost savings.


You can create or modify documents, manage email, search the Web, or automate business processes. You can even dictate into a digital voice recorder or compatible iOS device, and Dragon will transcribe the audio files. Being the ideal solution for corporate professionals, Dragon Professional is perfect for individuals wishing to work faster and smarter.

Product Description

Improved Accuracy

In out-of-box accuracy, Dragon 13 delivers up to 20% improvement compared to Dragon 12. And when you do need to make a correction, Dragon learns and adapts. This makes it more accurate the more that you use it.


Better performance

By delivering easier correction and editing options, Dragon 13 increases performance while giving you more control over your command preferences. This lets you get things done faster than ever before.


Smart Format Rules

Dragon adapts to you upon detecting your format corrections. That way, your dictated text looks the way you want it to every time.


Faster Correction

Dragon includes more choices to make it quicker and easier to make a change.