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Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2



Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 improves patient documentation by providing clinicians with the most comprehensive speech recognition software for the healthcare industry. Adapting to the use of EHRs, as clinicians know, can be a time-consuming process, consequently reducing the productivity of any practice. Dragon Medical Practice Edition, for this reason, not only increases a clinician’s productivity, but it increases a clinician’s profitability as well.


Remote Training & Support from Dragon Certified Instructors is included with your purchase!

Product Description

By allowing clinicians to dictate medical findings directly into their EHR, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 gives them the experience of documenting care with more accuracy and speed than most people have when typing. Clinicians can even eliminate as much as $12,000 in annual transcription costs because of the speech recognition technology Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 provides. And because of its simple voice commands, navigating within an EHR has never been simpler.

With its inclusion of medical vocabularies that cover nearly 90 specialties and subspecialties and its 99% out-of-the-box speech recognition accuracy, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 raises the quality of patient care while making a medical practice more efficient and profitable.

Why Should You Use Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2?

Improved Efficiency for Your PracticeDragon Medical Practice Edition 2 saves clinicians valuable minutes every day. With the virtually instant response time this speech recognition software offers, you no longer have to wait for transcribed reports or need to type into an EHR.
Improved Patient DocumentationAs opposed to medical notes built by point-and-click EHR templates, Dragon speech recognition technology causes higher rates of reimbursement because of the quality and accuracy of its patient documentation.Included Medical Vocabularies
Dragon Medical Practice Edition covers nearly 90 medical specialties and subspecialties. This makes is easier for healthcare professionals to adopt and adapt to EHRs since their speech recognition software already knows the industry’s language.
Reduced Transcription Costs for Your PracticeDragon speech recognition technology eliminates up to $12,000 in annual transcription costs by allowing clinicians to dictate, edit, and sign medical records at the point of care. With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, medical practices become more productive and more profitable.
Spend More Time with PatientsBeing 99% accurate right out of the box means clinicians can spend less times correcting errors and more time with patients. And as it continues to improve its recognition of your voice, Dragon Medical Practice Edition improves both quality of care and patient satisfaction.